SPU - Spuria Irises

Very easy, resistant and problem-free irises suitable for any sunny garden. They are undemanding to the soil, but grow best in neutral to slightly alkaline soils. The soil can be moist, but plants must not stand in water. Spuria irises love warm habitats in full sun. They are quite strong plants 80 to 140 cm high,  flowering just after tall bearded irises, usually at the end of June. Plants are of tufted growth with upright, approx. 2 cm wide and 60-100 cm long reed-like leaves. The stems are the same length or about 1/3 longer than the tops of the leaves. The flowers are quite large, about 12 cm in diameter, inflorescences very suitable for cutting. The unripe fruit-stems are also decorative,  well suited for drying. Spuria irises can be planted solitary or in mixed perennial beds. Of course, they could also be excellently used in urban plantings, e.g. due to their tolerance to salinity. Rhizomes  should be planted 7-10 cm deep, preferably in autumn (September-October), but the plants offered here are potted in 4 liter containers, so you can plant them to the garden at any time of the year. The recommended distance between plants is 60 to 80 cm.
A significant part of the assortment of plants offered here is the result of more than 30 years of ongoing selections by Milan Blažek (Průhonice, ČR). Spuria irises are almost unknown to the public, however they would certainly deserve greater distribution and popularity not only because of the beauty of their flowers, but also due to their overall resistance and durability, which can be compared to peonies... Just another ideal plant for lazy gardeners.. ..


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We accept orders all year round, plants are shipped either as bareroot (from October to the end of March) or potted (from October to May). Once the plants start to grow in the spring, we will only ship them as potted, until they are 40 cm tall. Then it will no longer be possible to send them - until October.


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ZLATÁ ZÁŘE (Blažek 2013)

Flowers deep yellow Height of plants135 cm. Fine and healthy growth, profuse flowering. Selected by Milan Blažek (Průhonice, ČR) in 1993.

Sales price: 15 €

LETNÍ LOUKA (Blažek 2013)

Flowers with beautiful combination of violet-blue and yellow: standards slight violet-blue veins on lighter ground, style arms violet shades, falls deep yellow, signal white, violet rim. Height of plants 115 cm. Selected by Milan Blažek (Průhonice, ČR) in 2004.

Sales price: 15 €

CITRONKA (Blažek 2013)

Flowers lemon yellow. Height of plants 115 cm. Healthy growth, profuse flowering. Selected by Milan Blažek (Průhonice, ČR) in 1992.

Sales price: 15 €

DOBRODRUH (Blažek 2013)

Flowers combine violet and orange-yellow colors: standards deep violet; style arms light violet with deeper lobes; falls dark orange-yellow with violet veins. Plant height 110 cm. Selected by Milan Blažek (Průhonice, ČR) in 1998.

Sales price: 15 €

SMETANA (Blažek 2013)

Standards and style arms cream-white, falls same, signal deep yellow. Fine combination of cream-white and yellow colors. Height of plants 105 cm. Selected by Milan Blažek (Průhonice, ČR) in 2010.

Sales price: 15 €

TEMNÁ NOC (Blažek)

Standards and style arms violet, falls light blue to darker violet blue on edges, signal orange yellow to ochre, prominent violet venation. Fine combination of colors. Height of plants 105 cm. Selected by Milan Blažek (Průhonice, ČR).

Sales price: 15 €


Standards and style arms blue-violet with fine dark violet venation, falls blue-violet with prominent golden yellow signal and violet venation. Height of plants 110 cm. Selected by Milan Blažek (Průhonice, ČR).

Sales price: 15 €

MISSOURI RIVERS (Niswonger 1989)

Standards and style arms blue, falls extra wide, ruffled, blue with smooth yellow signal. A really blue iris with wide yellow and blue falls in the attractive combination. Very beautiful, always in high demand. Height of plants 100 cm.

Sales price: 15 €


Flowers deep yellow to golden yellow. Wild plant coming from Turkey. Only other two wild species of the Spuria group of irises have yellow flowers - I. spuria subsp. halophila and I. crocea. Plant height 80-100 cm, frost resistant in Czech Republic.

Sales price: 15 €

Iris orientalis 'FRIGIA' (Rodionenko 1990)

Flowers white with golden yellow eye, very decorative. Amazing steppe iris, growing 120 to 150 cm tall, characterized by downward-curved, hanging leaves, which create a graceful and elegant impression. Planting solitary or as part of perennial beds. Flowers are suitable for cutting.

Sales price: 12 €

LYDIA JANE (Walker 1964)

Standards white, falls golden yellow with ruffled white edge. A beautiful steppe iris, growing to a height of 110 to 130 cm. Bright yellow-white flowers are suitable for cutting. Planting in sunny places solitary or as part of perennial beds.

Sales price: 12 €


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