Peony (Paeonia)

You will find here a selection of the most beautiful herbaceous and semi-woody peonies, all fully frost-resistant. We specialize mainly in fragrant peonies. There are herbaceous peonies with double, semi-double or single flowers that have gained increasing popularity in recent years. Among the semi-woody peonies you will find varieties with yellow or apricot orange flowers. Peonies love sunny habitats, but well tolerate semi-shady position, grow almost in any soil. They are perhaps the most durable perennials in our gardens... will grow in one place for decades! Peonies are blooming in late May and early June, following to the flowering of high irises. Their flowers are beautiful in vases... Peonies can be planted solitarily or in combination with other perennials.
We offer very strong tubers of flowering size, mostly with a minimum of 3-5 buds - see photo below

Common size of roots, usually offered
(these will bloom at the earliest in 3 years)
Our extra size of roots
(these will bloom next year)

Peonies take time to mature and you must therefore be patient. This takes time and while it may be tempting to purchase a smaller, cheaper plant and wait for it to grow. My advice is to buy a well established peony, one that is at least 3 years old, to be sure of success in your garden - such a peonies you will find below.

Orders all year round, plants are sent by post bareroot - in autumn (mid-October, November, December) or early spring (March) . Some herbaceous and semi-woody sorts are available in XL and XXL size (plants aged 5-10 years) – sent also bareroot.

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We guarantee all of our plants to be true to name. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, notify us at once upon receipt of your plants and we will replace plants under complain. However, we reserve the right to refuse replacements if plants have not been properly cared for once they are delivered.