We offer a selection of the best, high quality iris varieties. You can choose from easy growing varieties of large-flowered bearded irises (growth between 70 and 120 cm). They are typical for their large, mostly wavy flowers of one or several colours, dotted or veined, often fragrant. They usually flower in late May. Standard dwarf or miniature dwarf irises with the growth of 20 to 40 cm are ideal for rock gardens, front gardens or flowerbed edges. They bloom in carpets of 5 cm large flowers from late April to mid-May. Both the high large-flowered and dwarf irises are undemanding, xerophytic and fully frost-resistant.
Siberian irises prefer humid, humus soils but grow well in almost any type of soil on sunny or semi-shaded places. They are suitable for any garden. Their grass-like leaves quickly form rich tufts with large number of flowering stems growing to 50 to 120 cm. In a vase, they stay fresh for long.                                                                                                                                                                Spuria irises - strong, 80 to 150 cm tall plants, undemanding to soil (but neutral or slightly alcaline are the best), position in full sun. Inflorescences are very suitable for cutting, decorative fruit-stems for drying. Planting solitary or in mixed perennial beds. These irises are very little known, however they deserve greater distribution and popularity not only because of the beauty of their flowers, but also due to their overall resistance and durability.

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We guarantee all of our plants to be true to name. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, notify us at once upon receipt of your plants and we will replace plants under complain. However, we reserve the right to refuse replacements if plants have not been properly cared for once they are delivered.